My Experiences With One Percent Realty In Pitt Meadows

I recently sold my house in Pitt Meadows, and the realtors who helped me do it were the One Percent Realtors, Save With John and Dave (realtor Maple Ridge). The experience was unique, and I see it fit to share with you.

To start off, let me make one thing clear, I’m not a huge fan of realtors. The reason behind this is many of them in Vancouver are making a lot of money, doing so little work, and to worsen the matter, some of them have a poor educational background.

Take this example, a realtor in Vancouver typically charges 7% on the first $100,000 and 2.5% on the balance. For sure they are making a killing.

But that said and done, not all realtors are bad. You will enjoy working with some of them as I did with Save With John and Dave. Here is my review of this firm.

Who are Save With John and Dave

Save With John and Dave are a fully licensed, full-service agents with One Percent Realty. These agents are located in Maple Ridge, BC. If you are looking for realtors, I would highly recommend them as they have a combined 32 years experience with more than 1,000 successfully closed transactions in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

I was highly impressed by the fact that even though there have been significant changes to the real estate industry, these realtors do not fight the changes, but they embrace them. For this reason, they can easily come up with new commission models that fit your needs.

The whole experience dealing with these realtors was good. This is also because they offer a unique combination of a full-service approach, an efficient business model, and a comprehensive marketing strategy. This way, they made sure that I enjoyed great results and also saved money. They also did not cut any corners or promise me the world. The realtors acted with integrity and honesty, which made the whole experience one worth remembering.

When I hired them for the job, some of the initial services they offered me were free, no obligation, market evaluation, they gave me preparation and staging advice, and also pricing and market introduction strategies.

Key to Save With John and Dave’s success in quickly closing transactions is their marketing strategies. I am going to list some of them here:

  • They use professional photos and virtual tours with image editing
  • Full exposure of your property on the MLS® multiple listing services
  • Signage
  • Use of brochures and feature sheets that are professional and of magazine quality
  • Newsprint advertising
  • Open house
  • They advertise your property on thousands of websites such as, Realty, and thousands of MLS® reciprocity-linked sites
    Social media marketing on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

Why I chose Save With John and Dave

I am a frugal person, and I do not like wasting money paying for something that I do not see any value in. At first, I interviewed many realtors to see who I should give the job to. After the interviews, I settled for Save With John and Dave, and this is the reason why. I was impressed by reviews I read online about this company. Most of them commended them for their transparency and relatively low charges. Apart from that, this company also deals with a lot of volume. The high volumes mean that the “quality of their services is trusted and that they have a lot of satisfied customers.” according to the realtors at


If I have another opportunity to sell a house, I will use Save With John and Dave again. Their charges are low, they have a good marketing strategy, they are transparent and honest, they have years of experience closing transactions in Vancouver, and their customer service skills are excellent.

I highly recommend you message Save With John & Dave if you’re thinking of selling your house: