My Experiences With Superior Heating Air Conditioning Winnipeg

When you live in Winnipeg, the winter temperature can oh so suddenly plunge into the low -30s or -40s. Superior HVAC is a matter of life and death for you and your children. So, like my family and me, you need a reliable partner who’s always there for you.

I personally find that Reliance Superior Heating & Air Conditioning is rather like a 911 service without the cost. For forty years now since we tied the knot, my husband and I have always relied on the company’s exceptional HVAC service. Honestly, I don’t think there is any other HVAC firm that can match Reliance out here in Winnipeg–one of the coldest cities in Canada.

The 24/7 phone support service is one of the things I love about Reliance Superior Heating & Air Conditioning. It’s a service like no other. It works like a lifeline when my family and I get a beating from winter which is very seldom mild out here in Winnipeg.

We bought into the incredible tune-up offer of Reliance before winter started. The representative of Reliance Superior Heating & Air Conditioning said that the 12-point plan would super clean our furnace to ensure that it doesn’t die out on us when least expected. For just $79, the Reliance technician went to town on cleaning and conditioning the furnace that we inherited from the original owner when we bought the house back in 1974.

By the time the Reliance guy was done, my husband and I could hardly recognize our furnace. To be honest, we didn’t believe that Reliance Superior Heating & Air Conditioning or any HVAC company for that matter could restore a very old equipment like that. It’s nothing short of getting a car tuneup.

Our furnace started to behave like a race car after the Reliance makeover, based on the shiny new looks and the humming sound the machine started to make. Just imagine if we had to buy a brand new furnace. That was simply not in the books. Maybe later.

But for now, we’re very happy with a very old furnace that works like new. Sometimes, my hubby and I wonder if we have made the right decision regarding the matter. Regardless, getting a new one was simply out of the question budget-wise.

So this have better work. And so far, everything has been fine. Reliance gave it the thumbs up. Both the service representative and the technician that worked on the project assured us that they caught the minor issues about our furnace just in time. Good Lord, I guess that makes us one of the lucky families in Winnipeg.

Of course, when the time comes that we can afford it, we’re considering getting a brand new furnace from Reliance. For now, however, we’ve been saved by the bell. A stitch in time saves nine or so goes the saying. Had we not caught up with aging heating equipment before it went bonkers, this would not be a happy ending.

Everything seems to be holding out so far. We haven’t had to call the hot-line of Reliance, but it sure feels good that the 24-hour thing is there if we need it. You just don’t take chances with Winnipeg winters unless you’re one to stare at death’s door. A negative forty temperature greeting you when you open the front door still makes me feel like I could die out there.

I’m lucky to have the option to stay in the hubby’s warm embrace on our beat-up love seat in the dead of winter. When work and school are out due to inclement weather, we just love to huddle in the living room and enjoy a cup of tea while the children watch TV. And the best thing about the service of Reliance Superior Heating & Air Conditioning is I believe, their enduring web presence.

Yeah, the 24-hour phone support is great, but in my opinion, nothing beats being able to do everything on the web these days. Being a busy Winnipeg mom who needs to go to work like my mister, the ability to complete an HVAC transaction using our high-speed Internet is a true time saver. I still do have the Reliance number, 1-888-837-1451 securely held by the fridge magnet–just in case. But if you ask me, I’d still rather go to the Reliance website to request a Reliance quotation and receive all the details by email.

I got my career, and I get lots of love from my life partner. But until my children finish their education, they’ll always be my priority. So I just love it when those little hands are helping me out with the mouse and all that technical stuff to get a Reliance service request done online.

I couldn’t recommend Reliance Superior more! They’ve helped me so much:
Reliance Superior Heating & Air Conditioning Winnipeg
96 Terracon Pl, Winnipeg, MB R2J 4G7
(204) 813-2201