Finding The Very Best Maple Ridge Tree Service Professionals

It should always be considered as a last resort to be taken, but if tree removal does become the choice to be made, spring is a great time to get it done.

Winter storms will very often break the limbs and the branches of the trees, compromising their structural integrity. Spring is simply the very best time to assess your property’s trees and their overall safety. You must also always keep in mind that trees can become possible structural hazards spurred on by strong spring storms that occur.

Continuing reading now, to find the right arborist to get the job done if you have determined some spring tree removal is necessary.

1. Make An Assessment Of The Hazard

If you think that it might be necessary to take on tree removal, your next move should be to contact a professional and get their input on the situation. And when you do, because a hazard assessment is simply so crucial, settle for nothing less than a professional that has an International Society of Arboriculture certificate on their resume!

2. Give Thought To Possible Other Options

It may be revealed to you during the consultation that your damaged or diseased tree just requires some extra maintenance. Very often, a qualified arborist can carefully prune the tree to remove the hazard and over time, the tree will be restored to good health. If it is not enough just to do the pruning, the arborist may also decide to add some structural supports in the form of braces or cables.

3. Make Certain To Get An Estimate Of The Pricing Involved

Make certain that you get a price estimate before making any commitments if your consultant recommends a tree removal and you are in agreement that it should be done. All reputable tree removal services will be happy and willing to offer one before any contract being signed. But you should also be aware that not every company will be willing to offer an estimate for no charge. The good news  is that for all potential services the estimates provided are free, be it for pruning, brush clipping or tree removal.

4. To Remove Your Tree, Find A Certified Arborist

The I.S.A. certification is simply so important because it shows best that the arborist involved knows and understands just what it is they are doing. And through their website, you can easily verify the credential presented. 

In Hiring An I.S.A. Certified Arborist, Some Of The Benefits Included Are:

-The certainty that the relevant code of ethics is indeed understood by the arborist, making certain they will conduct themselves professionally and responsibly.

-Understanding that on topics like tree inspection, site assessment, tree biology, risk categorization and tree mechanics, the arborist is properly educated.

-That the competence of the arborist is guaranteed. The certified professionals of the I.S.A. have to enroll in continuing education credits or every five years they must retake their exam.

Make Certain That Your Remaining Trees Are Properly Maintained

This is the most important step of all and is very often overlooked. You can and will maintain the continued health of your trees by pruning them regularly, fertilizing them, maintain pest controls and when needed, add supports to them.

In severe weather conditions, your trees are far less susceptible to damage, when they are structurally sound and healthy. Also, they will continue to look healthy and attractive, raising the overall value of your property.

The great news is that a properly qualified arborist will help you maintain your trees and will assist you in making any and all decisions as to their proper health and maintenance!

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