Getting My AC Installed By Holmes Heating Air Conditioning Ottawa

I have spent lots of money purchasing a real estate in Ottawa and building the home of my dreams on it. However, I also require an air conditioner installed in my bedroom and my child’s bedroom too, as the summer temperature of this city shots up to 22 degrees, which is unbearable if one considers the humidity factor. I searched for HVAC companies in the region and requested them to send their technicians to inspect my home and suggest suitable air conditioners. This turned out into a wild goose chase, as most of them were offering contrasting suggestions. Some of them suggested that I should install 1-ton air conditioners in both the rooms while the others suggested that nothing less than a 1.5-ton model would do.

Seeking my friend’s advice

As my friend too resided in this city, and I enjoyed the air in his home, chilled by an AC, I requested him to provide me with details of the company whose services he had used to get his AC installed. He told me to contact Holmes Heating & Air Conditioning, which, according to him, was the best HVAC provider in Ottawa. Based on his suggestion, I reached that company and requested them to send over their technician to my home, view the dimensions of my room and that of my child, and suggest suitable air conditioners. As I already had the quoted provided by other AC providers and installers, I had an idea of the price I would have to pay.

A pleasurable surprise

I was pleasantly surprised by the price quoted by this company, as it was less than the estimates offered by others. Unlike others, their technicians also inspected both the rooms for leaks and suggested that I should seal them so that air from inside does not leak out, as this would affect the running of the gadget. They also suggested that I should purchase only one 1.5-ton inverter model as that would be sufficient to cool both rooms. As my child’s room was located next to my bedroom, the technicians suggested that I cut a hole in the wall between the two rooms and install an exhaust fan, which would suck in the chilled air from my room, and deliver it to my child’s room.

The cost factor

I asked their specialists about the high costs of an inverter AC, but they told that it would pay back its price in a couple of years. According to them, such models would help me save approximately 50% on energy bills, as they are more efficient in controlling motor speed. In traditional ACs the compressor shuts down when the temperature inside the room drops to the set level and starts up when the temperature rises to a certain level. On the one hand, it needs more energy each time the compressor starts. Apart from this, its compressor keeps on running until the air inside room cools down to a specific temperature. As its compressor runs at full capacity during the cooling period, it consumes more energy.

Advantage to inverter ACs

On the other hand, the inverter air conditioner never turns off its motors and compressors. Unlike standard ACs, the inverter models start off slowly the first time it is turned on, so it does not consume too much of power. The technicians also explained that I should run the inverter AC at partial capacity as this mode significantly reduces power consumption.

No hidden costs

I had checked the price of the AC online and was delighted when the technicians of Holmes Heating & Air Conditioning informed me that this cost was inclusive of transportation and installation charges. As the company has third-party insurance, they would be liable to pay for any injuries or property damages caused during the installation process. This company has been around for nearly half a century and has installed thousands of air conditioners in Ottawa. Why do you not visit their website and request them to send their specialists for a no obligation in-home consultation by filling up their online form:

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