Roofing in Kelowna: Your Best Choice For Materials

Right here in the Pacific Northwest we get a fair bit of rainfall and also wind, so it is essential to have a roofing system that drains water well and could deal with the extreme moisture.

While the style of your roof (gable or hipped) likewise figures in how it will certainly withstand the Kelowna environment, the product you decide to construct your roof with is the biggest factor. Listed below we’ll discuss the roofing products that work best for homes in Kelowna and also various other locations in the Northwest.


Also referred to as asphalt shingles, tiles are one of the most preferred choices in just about every area as a result of their inexpensive and longevity. They are particularly suited for the Pacific Northwest due to their resistance to harsh climate– like wind, snow, rainfall, as well as a hailstorm. However, they are still permeable, that makes them prone to mold and mildew growth. Because structure roof shingles are so prominent, it is easy to discover materials for maintenance and repairs. Ask us concerning unique therapies making your asphalt shingles much less absorbent and more immune to mold and mildew growth.


Cedar has been utilized on roof coverings for decades in the Pacific Northwest, mostly since the area has such a plentiful supply (mainly from Canada). Cedar has been believed to boost the general visual value of a residence, which additionally increases its home worth. Nonetheless, cedar is a lot more costly and also requires a lot more maintenance compared to other kinds of roofing products. The main dangers to cedar roofings are parasitical development, such as lichen, moss, and also mold and mildew that will certainly threaten its stamina. Over the years, a good deal of study has actually gone into locating a solution to this problem, and also products have actually been built to protect versus these intruders. This makes cedar much more viable and much less of a trouble to keep.

Metal roofing materials are exceptionally waterproof and have just recently made incredible advancements in the style division. Steel panels and shingles are currently offered in attractive designs and also colors, and even come designed to resemble various other materials, such as cedar shake or slate. While the lifespan of a metal roofing system will certainly differ by the producer and also specialized covering, a correctly set up steel roof covering could last approximately 50 years. Ask any other roof covering firm in the area and also they’ll inform you that if you are willing to consider it, a steel roof covering is an outstanding option for our rainy and gusty environment.


You do not see way too many tile roofing systems around right here, but they have been catching on over the past few years. The significant benefit of clay ceramic tiles is their severe longevity, but they are much larger as well as more costly compared to other materials. They are not a terrific choice for a roof covering in the Pacific Northwest since they are incredibly susceptible to problems that emerge from a damp climate. When made properly, clay tiles have the prospective to last for more than a century. Concrete tiles are slightly less expensive, although equally as hefty and won’t last as long. Nevertheless, both clay and also concrete floor tiles will enhance the aesthetic allure and also building the value of a house as they are available in plenty of designs like level, ribbed, and even scalloped.


This material looks extremely special and is lovely. It can be found in shades like grey, red, black, environment-friendly, and also purple. It’s durable, fire resistant, and also can be reused. It is costly and very heavy, which calls for additional framework. It could last 50 years at the very least as well as has been known to last as long as lengthy as 100 years with the proper underlayment. Colonial or European-style homes typically have slate roofings.

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