Laser Engraving Vancouver: A Tool For Education & Businesses

Using a laser cutter in education could be underrated because flashy technologies’ such as 3D printers or ventures of gimmicky kickstart have overshadowed technology. Laser systems are natural types of equipment for Learning. These designs are produced in a package which is a drawing of a vector. A laser system does the remaining work when these designs are sent to printing driver.

The Lasers’ speed and power allow quick production of designs. But more students can be got on toa machine within a shorter period of time. Versatility is one of the greatest advantages, and power of laser cutter allows it to cut through a variety of materials, and it is the most important fabrication equipment a school can own. There are endless applications, ranging from k-12 all the way to university. The following are ways in which laser cutter and laser engraving are used in education:

i. Models Of Architecture

Architecture and design students are at liberty to work with multiple materials such as acrylic, glass, wood or ceramic. This actually approximates an actual element that will be used in these designed structures. This allows realism of a model and is not achievable using any other technologies. Students can now use a laser cutter to create models for railways, planned communities, homes, or any mother architectural elements by drawing designs in a CAD program such as the substantial works or Google sketch up. After precise models have been cut using a laser cutter, there is no additional post-processing needed. Apart from model production, there are some pretty architectural elements which are life-size customized and are designed by architectural firms. As a bonus, you should always challenge your students in creating something that is larger and could be presented in real-world production.

ii. Fabric Cutting And Appliques In Art & Design

Students can easily cut patterns using a simple CAD design file. From these, they can produce appliques and then apply laser engraving to the fabrics. These are very common applications which are found in programs of art and design, and fashion design learners create extraordinary patterns and custom designs open referred to as unique paper cut designs. In making school apparel for sports teams, K-12 educators use a laser cutter to create graphics in these apparels. Other items made by laser cutter include custom patches for students’ jackets at university or other branded appliques which can be sellable in schools’ store.

iii.Imaging Of Graphics

Printing graphics on new materials can expand your design possibilities. It is also easy to take a picture of a scanned page and engrave it on a wood piece. The same can be done on small metals, rubber, and glass, ceramic or even brick. Some laser cutters, such as universal Laser systems, do feature software that selects optimum printing settings to print the picture depending on a type of material you have chosen to engrave.

iv. Development For Packaging

The graphics communications and CTE Business/Marketing programs are on the increase toward the usage of laser cutters for augmenting their curriculum. Students are trained and empowered on how to create product packaging for business ventures without using any dies or tools.

V. How The Laser Cutter Is Being Used In Education

Universities and colleges are doing sort of the same work, but on a different level which is even more significant. For instance, the Community College of Patrick Henry in Martinsville usually requests their Arts and engineering learners to team up in assisting local inventors n designing their products through a program that is run through the school’s Fab Lab.

vi. School Branding And Specialization

A laser cutter brings essential benefits to school, as well as benefiting students in learning. They create plaques, custom awards and trophies and also for faculty and student ceremony awards. Most signs you see all over in schools in each lab, office, classroom, sports team, after school club and many more, are made from laser cutters.

vii. Machinery For Wood-Working

The great thing about the use of a laser cutter in Engineering programs or woodworks is that one can cut, image, engrave and mark using the same equipment. It enhances saving of space in your lab or shop and decrease curve of student learning. There exist several creative uses of laser cutters in woodworking, such as making gumball machines from balsa wood.

Laser cutting is dynamic, and its possibilities are endless. It allows one to work with a variety of materials, projects of different kinds and also provides opportunities that benefit both educators and students.

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