Ottawa Air Conditioner Repair Company: Why Replace Your AC & Furnace At The Same Time

There are two main factors which highly determine your comfort at home throughout the year. These factors are the air and heating conditioning systems you go for so as to keep your home cool in summer and to heat the home during winter respectively.

When you are required to consider replacement options of either the two systems or one of the two you might get tempted to go for installation of one of the system which is at trouble ten await to buy the other system. But however, it is better to replace the two even if one is at good condition to save money and energy for the long term.

Also, remember that it’s very important to learn about new technologies’ features and also get expert and good advice on which system is best preferred for your home.

Below are advantages of replacing the AC systems and furnace together.
Two new systems translate to one comfortable home.

The advantages include:

Energy efficiency

The currently manufactured air conditioning and heating systems are more efficient and also use less energy compared to systems manufactured about ten to fifteen years ago.

While doing your research before purchase on the systems, you can compare efficiencies of various systems by checking SEER rating. The current systems have SEER number not less than 13 which is the government minimum standard for any cooling system. The higher SEER a system has, the lower the cost of operation and lesser energy it uses.

For furnaces, the measure is AFUE a seasonal performance measure. AFUE of ninety percent plus is recommended for an efficient and new furnace system. For heat pump systems and boilers, the recommended number is quite different.

It is proven that averagely a modern furnace can be used for 15 years to 20 years and a central conditioning system can go for 12 years to 15 years depending on efficiency and quality of equipment.

Technology Differences

Did you know that mixing new and old technology decreases system performance? Yes, it does. Therefore, by replacing one part of the entire system you lower performance effectively of the systems. Once you combine the efficient new system with that old system, the components match not and hence the new technology is not made maximum use of.
Systems which are matching tend to complement one another. The central air conditioner and furnace share same blower or air handler. A matched system with handler working efficiently will allow the two systems to operate correctly while giving you desired comfort.

Components of Central Air Conditioner and Furnace:

  • Thermostat
  • Copper tubing
  • Furnace or air handler
  • Indoor evaporator coil
  • Compressor
  • Outdoor condenser

With a matching system with time, you save on time as matched components are designed in such a way to offer maximum efficiency. Also, replacing the two systems saves money in case of repairs as the two hold warranties.

Generally, new systems attract minimal repairs and also purchasing the two at a go saves on installation cost as the process is less involving and complicating for installation of the two at once. In case you replace one, some time to come you will need to cater for the installation cost of the other replacement.

Other issues with Systems which are not matched

The outcome of replacing one of the parts with efficient, new equipment can result in unnecessary costs, frustration and discomfort. Matching a system newly bought with the old inefficient system potentially decreases your new system lifespan.

When it comes to warranties, manufacturers do not honor warranties if new systems are incorporated into old systems in case of break down before the expiry of warranty period.

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