Red Deer Garage Door Repair: How To Replace Your Garage Door Springs

“In any garage door, an integral part of the operation is the springs” says David Rodriguez from Red Deer Windows & Doors. When you want to open the door that is shut, to help propel it upwards extension springs and torsion springs are kept under enormous pressure. The door is going to cease to operate properly when one wears out or snaps. You should make an effort to learn just what the costs of replacing the springs are whether you hire a professional to get the job done, or whether you do it yourself.

Professional Replacement Cost

Many different factors will contribute to the cost of the garage door springs being professionally replaced, and these will include the type of springs required, the condition of the rest of the garage, just where you are located and which company actually does the job. With that said, David says approximately $100 or so is the average garage door spring replacement cost. You should always be aware of the fact that even though only one spring may have broken, they are always mounted in pairs. The fact of the matter is that if one has broken, the other should be replaced at the same time because it is most likely also close to breaking.

You should place a service call to three or four different companies in your surrounding area to get quotes on the cost of the job and then compare them.

Cost Of Personal Replacement

The truth is that the cost of doing the job yourself replacing the springs is less straightforward then the professional replacement is because of several different considerations to be made before the final price is determined.

Your average run-of-the-mill garage door spring.

Spring Cost Itself

The truth of the matter is that garage door springs are reasonable in price and relatively inexpensive. You will find them for about $35 per pair on Amazon and at comparable prices in local hardware stores and specialty stores. When you go to the store seeking a replacement, David from RDWD says to make certain to bring the current spring with you to show them.

Cost Of Other Tools

To change a garage door spring, there are not a lot of equipment or tools that are necessary. You will, however, require a clamp to keep the door securely in place and you will also need gloves and safety goggles to help ensure your safety. If you do not have a ladder or a step stool, one must be considered as well. The costs of these assorted items have to be factored into the cost of the door spring replacement.

Cost Of Time

Even though it is not a real complicated job, the replacement of garage door springs, David says it does, in fact, take some time to do. This is particularly true when it is the first time one tackles the project. You have to familiarize yourself with the springs and the doors, go out and purchase the required tools and then actually get the work completed. All of these items have to be factored into the final cost. Of course, if you take time off from work to get the job done, that cost can rise a bit more. And if you take on a helper to assist in getting the job done, the cost can climb even more.

The Bottom Line

Make certain that you factor in all the different considerations as you weigh the options in deciding just what to do about that garage door and those broken springs!

Springs are a crucial part of garage doors, and proper garage door repair is simply so important. So make certain that whatever the final cost involved, you take proper care of things!

Also, big thanks to David from Red Deer Windows & Doors for this post. If you’re not willing to do-it-yourself, make sure to check out his companies information listed in the post below.

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