Risks Of Buying Used School Playground Equipment In Vancouver BC

At Real Estate Portland, we understand that daycare centers, schools, and other organizations that cater to children are always looking for ways to trim the budget. There are some children’s organizations that try to save some money by purchasing used commercial playground equipment on their playgrounds. While this can save some money, the organizations who buy used playground equipment are putting the children at risk. Used playground equipment can be faulty.

In some cases, the equipment can be faulty in ways that are obvious. It can also be defective in ways that aren’t so obvious. Before organizations choose to buy used  commercial playground equipment, organizations should understand the risks.

Weak or Damaged Structures

Kids can be really hard on playground equipment. They jump, run, climb, slide, swing, and bounce on the structures. When organizations buy used equipment, they have no way of knowing how much wear and tear have already been placed on the structure. If the organization is considering buying a piece of equipment that has been in a public park, it has likely been exposed to rain, hail, snow, and the sun. If the equipment hasn’t had any maintenance service over the years, the organization has no idea how safe it is. If the equipment has been misused by teenagers at the park, it can be even weaker.

If the slide, climbing rail, or the wings are weakened, and on the verge of breaking, every child on the playground will be at risk. Used playground equipment often has screws that are loose and missing treads on the stairs. Before an organization purchased used playground equipment, they should keep these things in mind.

Outdated Materials

Modern playground equipment manufacturers use child-safe materials, and we take pride in that. Unfortunately, playground equipment manufacturers haven’t always used these types of materials when making their equipment. Used equipment can contain wooden springs that can give children splinters. They can have chains on the swings that can pinch a child’s fingers. Many of the older baby swings don’t have harnesses.

Finally, older pieces of equipment have metal slides. Over the years, changes have been made to make playground equipment safer for children. If the organization chooses to purchase used equipment that uses dated equipment, they are putting the children at risk.

Playground Equipment Materials and Safety Equipment That Isn’t Age Appropriate

If you check out our website, you will see that we have playground equipment that is suitable for children of all ages. We understand that a piece of equipment that is designed for a 6-year-old won’t be suitable for a toddler. Most older playground equipment isn’t designed for any specific age group. There could be parts of the equipment that is safe for toddlers. However, other parts can be hazardous.

The organizations that buy used equipment could be putting children at risk when they play on a piece of equipment that is too high or not suitable for a younger child’s motor skills.

Harmful Materials

Used material that is dated can be made from harmful materials. For example, wooden playground equipment could have been treated with harmful preservatives. If the equipment is old, it could contain lead paint. Children’s organizations don’t want to buy used equipment that could be dangerous for children. However, they might not know.

Our company believes that every daycare, school, and child-oriented organization should by only the best equipment for the children that they are responsible for. When these organizations buy from Suttle Recreation, they can be sure that quality and safety come first in every piece of school playground equipment that we make. We use only the safest materials. Plastic has replaced wood. The swings have rubber covering the chains. Baby swings are no longer just a set with a bar that slides down. They have been replaced with harness seats. Treads are included on walking surfaces and stairs so that the children cannot slip if there is rain.

Finally, metal slides have been replaced with plastic slides that won’t burn a child’s legs. We put the safety of the children first. Therefore, child-oriented organizations can trust that their children are safe on our playground equipment.

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