Should You Hire A Professional Langley House Cleaner?

Most of us would rather spend more quality time with our families or do something enjoyable, rather than house cleaning. If that sounds like you, you may have wondered whether it’s worth your time and money to hire someone to clean your home, so you don’t have to do it. Keep in mind the following though, before you commit to hiring a house cleaner:

Consider the Cost

Of course, where you live, and the size of your home can make a difference to how much you can expect to pay per hour for someone to clean your house. But you can also reckon on paying more if you have pets or small children, or you expect to have extra services provided, making it a must to get a detailed estimate. In general, a professional Langley house cleaner will charge you somewhere between $15 and $45 per hour.

Calculate Your Worth

Some expert home cleaners have come up with a handy tool to allow you to calculate your hourly rate, and from that, it can figure out what you would pay yourself to clean your own home. It may well be less expensive for you to hire a house cleaner and pay them, and using this calculator can help you to make that call. Keep in mind that not only does a professional get the house cleaning done in less time, they probably make a much better job of it than you are inclined to do.

Ask Friends For Recommendations

Personal recommendations are important to a professional house cleaner in much the same way as they are to a contractor, plumber or mechanic. You may be surprised to discover that your coworkers, neighbors or friends actually pay someone to clean their home, and if that person does a great job, they will be quick to recommend them. It will also give you an idea of how much per hour you may need to pay before you pick up the phone and start calling around.

Independent Vs. Corporate

A locally based independent cleaner is likely to be about 50 percent cheaper than a cleaner employed by a large cleaning company. However, corporate companies carry out strict background checks on employees and are nearly always licensed and insured, so in case something goes missing from your home, you will be protected. Look for an independent house cleaner who can give you several references and who has been working for at least six months.

Separate Your Needs

Making beds, doing the ironing and washing the dishes may cost you more, although you probably have mostly standard requirements as far as house cleaning needs. You can keep the cost of hiring a house cleaner down by carrying out lighter everyday cleaning jobs yourself and leaving the heavy cleaning to the professionals.

Nobody likes cleaning but we all like our home to be clean, and it may pay you to pay someone to clean it for you if you really just don’t have the time to address it yourself. It has been said that you can clean a house in about 15 minutes, so if it’s taking you longer than that you may just be doing something wrong.

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