The Top Five Lake Resorts In British Columbia For Fishing Real Estate

The interior of British Columbia offers plenty of options for anglers seeking lake resort real estate. Check out our top five favorites below!

1. Pass Lake

Pass Lake is located roughly 20km northwest of Kamloops. This makes it easy to reach by car or SUV, making it a popular destination for vacationers and anglers alike! This popularity means that you have to arrive early if you want one of the best spots at a peak time (generally Saturday mornings).

Mosquitoes are abundant in and around Pass Lake, so anglers are advised to pack bug repellent to make the most of their trip. The lake itself is on the smaller side, so smaller pontoon boats, prams, and belly boats are the vessels of choice. The locale’s atmosphere is incredibly serene, so you can expect dirty looks from your fellow fishermen if you bring a boat with a motor.

The lake is very clear, frequently allowing you to see the fish you are trying to catch as they swim around the shoals. Most of them weigh between three and six pounds, but Pass Lake is home to the occasional 16-pound monster fish! Anglers are allowed to keep one fish measuring over 50cm per day.

Finally, Pass Lake is for fly fishing only. Chironomids are the best choice to bait the local sea life.

2. Tunkwa Lake

If Tunkwa Lake is anything, it’s accommodating. This lake resort is open to fly-fishing, live bait, and artificial lures, attracting a diverse collection of anglers as a result.

Tunkwa Lake also generates some popularity for how accessible it is, as you can start fishing after a 20-minute car ride north of Logan Lake. There is a full tackle shop, bathroom facilities, boats, cabins, and campsites on the premises as well, making Tunkwa Lake ideal for a fishing-themed family vacation.

Perhaps best of all, Tunkwa Lake is home to a ton of fish. Catching 20 in one day is not uncommon. Most of them weigh between two and four pounds, but there are reports of 10-pounders in the area. You may keep up to six fish per day.

The lake is not that deep, and most of the action is centered around one solid shoal. This layout makes it perfect for the major chironomid hatch that occurs each Spring season.

You are permitted to bring your own boat on Tunkwa Lake, but there is a maximum horsepower restriction of 9.9 in place.

3. Island Lake (Big OK Lake)

Island Lake is a little harder to reach than the previous entries on this list, located roughly one hour northwest of Logan Lake. The terrain is rough, so SUVs are better choices to make the trip than smaller cars. Wild horses roam the area, providing breathtaking views as you head to the lake resort.

Island Lake’s main campsites are located along the north shore, and the southeast corner has rugged sites for anglers who would prefer to rough it.

As the name suggests, Island Lake has one large island in the middle of it. This is frequently among the better spots to fish. The lake itself is crystal clear so that you can see fish swimming around abundant vegetation.

Only fly-fishing is permitted at Island Lake, and only electric motors (not gas) are permitted on its waters.

4. Sheridan Lake

Sheridan Lake is situated near 100-mile house in the Cariboo region. Cars have no problem making the trek.

This lake resort boasts some of the largest fish in British Columbia. Some of them weigh upwards of 20 pounds! The average is five though. You may keep five fish per day, but only one of them may measure more than 50cm.

The lake itself is massive, generally requiring a motorboat to traverse. If you don’t have one, you can rent a vessel at the attached Sheridan Lake Resort. The size also allows for multiple campsites to choose from, and everybody gets plenty of room.

Live bait is not allowed at Sheridan Lake, but any other type of fishing is fine. Trolling is the most popular option, but success has also been reported with chironomids, sedges, and mayflies.

5. Roche Lake

Located about an hour southeast of Kamloops, Roche is the largest in a series of 10 lakes. Cars can safely make it to some areas in this region, but an SUV is a better bet.

A beautiful lake resort is located on the lake’s north side, but campsites are available throughout the property.

If you want to check out an excellent camp site near Roche Lake, check out our friends at Eagle Island Resort:

Eagle Island Resort –  Located at:
4950 Little Fort Hwy, Bridge Lake, BC V0K 1E0
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Fly fishers will find plenty of bait on the property as well, including leeches, chironomids, caddis, damsels, scuds, dragons, and mayflies. Any of them are good choices to entice the local aquatic fauna.